Friday, 22 November 2013

Hyderabad Wedding Sins

So you’re from Hyderabad! Are you a foodie? Do you like Biryani? YES?! Chances are that you ABSOLUTLEY relish on going to get together-parties and weddings throughout the city, don’t you? I mean reading this you would be like: “Who wouldn’t?” After all, the parties and weddings are rich, full of happiness and masti, smiles, hugs, congratulations, great food, meeting up with your cousins and of course lots and lots of photographs.

Well, here you are reading this. Why? Because I wrote this and why did I write this? Because I want to say something and you might probably want to read it. And that would be?

Well “I” feel that they are so many things fundamentally wrong with the weddings here in Hyderabad.

One of them is that, especially Hyderabad weddings are made a very expensive affair. But I guess, that’s okay as long as the host is doing this as an expression of happiness. But the problem is, the general people EXPECT it to be made a big affair.
Why? Well that’s just what everyone expects and plus we want to show how rich and cool we are and we don’t want people naming us, would we?

The next thing is the incredible amount of food that is wasted, we live among people where it’s a MUST to have big fat wedding but it’s completely okay to waste food.

We live in a society where its shameful and a matter of deep embarrassment for women to wear less gold but its completely awesome to stuff our plates with food, compare ourselves and later discard the food off.

The irony that I once saw was that in a recent wedding, I saw "heaps of rice and food" rolled in plastic covers and thrown away but “heaps of beggars”, dusted and so thin that their skins were sticking to their very bones scavenging for food. I felt that what has made the world come to his point of inhumanity. Wasn’t the purpose of wedding to feed people in an act of celebration?

The other thing is that for every child, the parent gives away, it must be almost a traumatizing event in his/her life. First they are giving their baby girl to someone for a mere hope that perhaps she settles down to have a happy married life. He/she invites people who eat and throw food, laugh around, gossip, backbite and still keep names. 

Last but not the least, what disturbs me is that how people push each other when the call is made for the food.

It makes me think that despite their rich traditional sherwanis or khurtas or sarees or whatever their other best clothes are, they are slave to one of their basic instincts: “food”. I guess, it’s only natural for manners to take a back seat at times like these. If we only had a culture where we could speed up food delivery or start dinner on time. These things can slowly with time disappear. At the end of reading all this, you might think. "This is NOT the solution. To complain or find faults."  My assurances, my intention is clearly not this but rather that you, the reader, gets aware. Perhaps a “wave of general awareness” can prompt an action if not this piece of writing. PEACE.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Muslimah!

I dedicate this poem to our muslim girls and women. The princesses & queens of our hearts!


O men! Bear my plea,
Heed me,
I’m the Muslimah!
I’m the half of the Ummah!
The Ummah that the beloved prophet left behind,
The equal portion of mankind.

I’m stronger than you think,
I’m a bonding link.

If you marry me or my sisters, I’m your half deen,
Does not that make me your queen?

I’m your beautiful angel daughter,
When you come home tired, do I not offer you tea or water?

I’m your sister, do I not protect your secrets?
I wake you in Fajr,
In Ramadan, I cook your Iftar.

I’m your wife, beautiful and blessed,
Have I not been source of relief in your distress?

I’m a mother, the future of Muslimeen are in my womb,
So I shape and teach these rising stars, so they can later bloom.

Were you not advised to treat me fairly?
But a lot of you not do it rarely?

Honor & dignity are the jewels of my crown,
By Allah, it is safeguard and bestowed down.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Character Illustrations in TNS

Know Her?

She is beautiful. She is shy. She dances and sways. She falls down and crashes, she rises up to a dawn.

Throughout all these centuries, books, arts and movie cinema have captured her essence and portrayed her in various forms. Writers, artists, musicians, architects and historians are her guardians.

You can feel her in a tune, a warm song. In the environment and in nature. She is in the raging seas, she is in the calm waves washing over a shore. You can feel her trickling pass your fingers near a fountain. She is nature’s sweet illegitimate child.

She is within animals too. She is the half of basic animal instinct to survive. Naturally it’s in our instinct as well. She is like a fuel that drives us when we are ineffectual.

In the greatest glory full battles of mankind to heart wrenching tragedies of human history.

She forms a strong emotion. Her mix with mankind’s other emotions has changed the face of world and mankind itself.

She is between lovers.

She is the bond between the creator and creation.

She was the divine promise from the holy men.

She is in a mother’s touch, in a father’s eyes.

She is glory and in defeat. 

She is in kindness and in despair.

For she is hope. She is hope…

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Creative Evolution in Writing

When I first penned down my initial novel, I had a clear road map of what I was about to write and how everything was going to proceed. However I was up for a surprise! As I wrote down the narration, I found that my characters started to evolve with passing time and situation which I had presented to them in the book. Not only that but the situation itself needed an amendment for them to grow and expand. Even as a writer, it really baffled me to observe this peculiarity. 

For example, narration was decided to be only restricted to a few characters in the book. But for me to write and convey a proper story, I did (and that too badly) needed a point of narration from other characters as well. And that eventually led to the significance of these other characters. By the end of the book, they marked themselves as one of the main casted character.

And their evolving personality defined and distinguished them, conclusively showing that their features are now trademarked to the personality itself. It is very mild surprise for me to discover this.

Do other writers feel this way as well, that the plotline they initially planned never turns out to be the same?

Monday, 3 December 2012

Prologue of TNS pentalogy



Once upon an ancient time, when the sweet meadows, beautiful valleys and gardens of Earth were filled with plants and animals alike, a specie known as “Mankind” emerged in lands unfathomed.

Like flocks of sheep, they settled near rivers and flat grounds where they grew food, and hunted and lived occupying every bit of land. They learned most quickly! They learned to dig the ground, fish the waters and make a shelter out of the grass and branches.

But Behold! Somewhere deep and hidden, not known to others in the cosmos beyond, a blast occurred on Earth and mystery had finally wed the humble forces of Earth.

In coming centuries, mankind started to fight among themselves for food, water and land as other new species were spite onto the land with the help of a new unknown force.

And out of this warring mankind, a race rose of mighty and magically powerful warriors known as “Marians” who conquered a portion of earth and united all tribes of mankind bringing peace and tranquility.

As years passed, the humans spread deep and wide and further into the land, they fell to quarreling and bickering among themselves. The united tribes fell back disintegrated to being divided and spilling each other’s blood.

Then a century later rose the mighty “Bureans” and spread a reign of golden era on Earth. The mankind divided still, but committed to peace it was.

But all was in vain! For a young mighty warrior named “Grimoran” rose from the sea and attacked the coastlines of the Bureans. Like a plague upon land and having bearing the wings of death and destruction, he battled and conquered everything that stood in his path forming the largest empire to have ever existed on Earth and declared himself the Emperor. Soon all kingdoms fell bowing to his might while others wary of his brutishness and tyranny formed an alliance among themselves, a treaty to protect and serve each other lest aid comes when the Emperor strikes!

A man of noble birth called “Eroberer”, hailing from Burean bloodline itself, led the resistance against this large and expansive tyrannical Empire.

For both these men had become aware of a force on Earth, ancient and unknown, powerful and magical, the mother of all legends! If one would weld this power so huge, it could change the lives and the history of everything on this Earth…

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Nucle Saga II Exclusive

“What about Rador?”
“Me and Rador have been together loads of times. I care for him, but I don’t think it’s really a problem for me.”
“And me?” Esha was now staring at him. Zindor felt an involuntary shudder. He was startled by her question. But he managed to contain his composure:
“I care about you too Esha. But you are a girl who can fight and defend herself.”
“And that’s the problem.” Esha said looking lost.
“What?” Zindor said, clearly confused.
“No, nothing.” Esha said now returning her attention to Zindor.
“Goodnight, Zindor.” She said and turns towards her other side, showing her back to Zindor and leaving him to ponder about their conversation. 
 The smoky smell around them, the lazy flames made Zindor finally feel sleepy. 

He then looked at Rador. This is what we always wanted in our life, isn’t it Ro? He thought. We never realized that by choosing this life, we would be away from our mother. He thought about his mother and how he missed her. Everyone here was away from their loved ones. Oh god, just keep her safe!He prayed in his heart. For the first time, he felt a little anger. Rador’s right. We shall deal with him.Zindor now closed his eyes. His last thoughts were all about their home and especially about his mother.
The four got up early in the morning.
Our first day, Zindor thought. It was extreme hunger that woke them up. And our first morning without food too. But none of them told that to each other. 
“Did you sleep well?” He asked Esha who was shaking some debris of leaves from her hair.
“Not really.” She replied and still looked exhausted. Me too...


As soon as they were out of Modh, they were yet again greeted by an expansive barren yet green landscape. Zindor was feeling more worried now. If he sees any animals, he and Rador would definitely hunt them down like how they did back then in Gladus.
As the four walked on, Zindor felt a great surge of his Euphoric coming towards them in their direction. He initially panicked because it was massive, like that of an army. He looked at Rador and he too had gone all still too. The girls themselves stopped seeing the reaction of the twins.
“What is it?” Esha whispered to Rador.
“Can you feel it?” Rador asked Zindor.
“Yes. It’s coming towards us.” Zindor replied. Zindor signaled the two of them and all the three drew their swords out.
The feeling was accelerating towards them now. Zindor broke into cold sweat. And instead of appearing in front of them, it wasn’t there.
“I can’t see it, is it invisible?” Rador said.
Perhaps, but no wait if it’s not invisible it can mean only one thing. Zindor concentrated his new senses and it felt it was down. No it’s not invisible, it’s in the ground!
Before Zindor could point this out to Rador, the ground rumbled, roared and swept them out of their feets. A thing from the ground exploded up into the sky. It was some kind of giant, enormous worm, its dark brown glistening with a gooey substance. Its mouth was surrounded with hundreds of sharp pointed teeth.
“I think now is not a bad idea to use your Euphora.” Esha said and charged into the creature with her sword arched high. The creature sensing Esha’s advancement dived towards her to gobble her down. Rador seeing that releases his strands of plasmic glowing golden Euphora towards the creature, burning a deep hole on to its skin. The creature bellowed in pain and fury meanwhile using the distraction to her advantage Esha plunges her sword deep into the skin. The creature starts to thrash around and knocks Esha off as she flies far away from it. Zindor, now feeling that his Euphora was bursting to be released, pointed both his palms towards its mouth and released his Euphora. The feeling was incredible, he felt as if his own body was a medium to transmit the energy. The two beams of his Euphora hit right on its face. He concentrated hard for his thoughts and the Euphora behaved exactly as it wanted. But now creature went deep into the ground, leaving two gaping holes behind.
Rador smiled at Zindor.
“This is fun.” He said. Zindor couldn’t help but smile himself. The creature may not realize this but we know where it’s heading. And we NOW can use Euphora.
“Follow it.”
“Yes, I am on it.” Rador replied. The creature now was at their left, about to attack them. But Zindor and Rador were ready for it. As it rose rapidly from the ground, Rador hit it with Euphora on its mouth while Zindor was thinking a new strategy, I will slice it off, he thought. He imagined his Euphora hard to be sharp and swung it on the creature. To Zindor immense satisfaction and excitement and jeers of Esha, Rohya and Rador, the creature’s body sliced into two. The creature now fell onto the ground, with its other half still moving. Rador radiated a globe of Euphora into the creature, exploding it as fleshy debris flew towards all directions. Rador then radiated another globe into the remaining half of the creature which was trying to escape back into the ground. His globe exploded this other remaining part of the body. As soon as the twins, stopped their Euphora, they looked at each other with pride and amazement, their legs gave in and they passed out together falling down on the ground. Zindor remembered nothing after that.